#141 - Bo Burnham & Elsie Fisher: How to Conquer Anxiety, Movie Audition Tips, YouTube Fame

Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher are both educational and entertaining in this action packed interview covering everything from how they deal with anxiety, behind the scenes stories from the set of their new movie Eighth Grade, and their honest feelings about YouTube fame.

Listeners can expect to learn in detail about:

  • How to conquer anxiety

  • Why Eighth Grade movie was shot like VR

  • Elsie's shocking audition story

  • How Eighth Grade movie came to be

  • How to get cast in a Hollywood movie

  • Working with Producer Scott Rudin

  • Chris Rock vs. Elsie Fisher

  • Bo's script writing process

  • The pitfalls of YouTube fame

  • Bo Burnham vs. John Hughes

Quoteworthy Quotes:

  • "I've always said Elsie and Chris Rock are very similar."

  • "Prepare for your audition or you won't get it."

  • “Hard work is super rare and very valuable."

  • “Create stuff that makes you happy.”

  • “The dinner scene took all day and 30 takes to get right. So by the end I was actually annoyed!”

  • “When we made this film, we thought America could blow up any day.”

  • “I’m being forced to describe how my own script is cool. I have no idea!”




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