#140 - Tyler Chronicles talks Winning Crowd Work Tricks, Hosting Tips, Pitfalls of Performing High + MORE

Tyler Chronicles returns to Hot Breath! days before moving to LA to film a starring role on BossipTV. His first interview (#92) reveals his comedy vision board and a year later it has all come true! Listen to learn how to create your own winning game plan along with helpful stand-up comedy tips and fun stories of performing on Wild n Out.

Listeners can expect to learn in detail about:

  • How to do crowd work
  • Hosting tips and tricks
  • Pitfalls of performing comedy high
  • Performing on Wild n Out
  • Celebrity stories from Wild n Out
  • Moving to LA for comedy
  • Starring on a TV show
  • Creating a comedy vision board
  • How to become a headlining comedian
  • How to get paid doing comedy

Top Quotes:

  • “Stand-up prepares you for everything. Writing, directing, editing is all part of the job.”
  • “In entertainment, I never feel out of place because I am able to do stand-up.”
  • “I will move to LA when I get moved there.”
  • “Believe in Your Funny”

Tyler's first interview is linked below:


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