#137 - Stan Pearson II Shares How Comedians Can Quickly Make Real Money Beyond Comedy

Stan Pearson II is an award winning speaker and motivational comedian with a masterclass on how you can brand yourself to success. This is not a cheesy gimmick. Stan has over a decade worth of insights from his career in public speaking that translates perfectly to the comedy world. His tips on stage performance techniques and business insights will change your entire approach to comedy. He's learned these skills the hard way so you don't have to. Enjoy!

Listeners can expect to learn in detail about:

  • How to make money in comedy

  • Effective Marketing Tips

  • How to brand yourself

  • Doing corporate comedy

  • Why comedians aren't good at business

  • Goal setting insights

  • Getting hired outside of comedy

  • Behavioral psychology and comedy

  • The value of daily routines

  • Performing at colleges

Top Quotes:

  • “My goal is to understand how people operate at their core.”

  • "If people like you, they will pay more for the same service."

  • "Focus on one thing at a time."

  • "My book is my business card. No one throws away a book."

  • "Live life as if anyone is a potential client."

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