#136 - "Aaron Chewning Reveals How to Create Consistent Viral Content Using the Fortune 500 Formula"

Vine Star turned corporate content curator Aaron Chewning shares all the secrets he's learned from creating content for clients like AT&T and MLB. These companies are investing a lot of money into social media and trust Aaron to make it trend viral. This is a look behind the scenes of how corporate America is using social media and how you can steal their tactics to create your own viral content! Enjoy and share!

Listeners can expect to learn in detail about:

  • How to create viral content consistently. 

  • Build a loyal following on multiple platforms

  • Adapt Fortune 500 strategies to your personal brand

  • How he got "Vine famous"
  • Using social media as a resume
  • How stand-ups can re purpose their material
  • What content corporations are looking for
  • The emerging trends of social media
  • What's the next platform to boom
  • Getting paid to create content

Memorable Quotes:

  • "Create content around your interests."
  • "Social media should be your resume to bigger work."
  • "Take a bit you do on stage and make it a sketch online."
  • "Companies are asking me to create 5-second videos."
  • "You need an online presence to succeed in today's world."

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