Comedy Podcast: Ms. Pat - Being Grateful in Comedy and Life, Finding Your Voice on Stage, Storytelling Advice +MORE

2020 has been a crazy year so we're doing a throwback interview to one of our first interviews ever with one of our most inspiring guests ever, Ms. Pat. Hear Ms. Pat like never before with hilariously candid stories of getting attacked on stage by Nerf balls, shot twice as a teen mom and the similarities between selling crack and telling jokes. She opens up about being a maternal influence in her neighborhood, how to forgive and not hate, early stories of bombing on stage, and how being raised to fear white people has blessed her with a primarily white fan base and her unique storytelling technique that makes her one of the most beloved comedians working today.

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Must Hear Talking Points:

  • Getting booed on stage

  • Similarities between dealing drugs and telling jokes

  • Being a teen mom in the hood of Atlanta

  • Getting shot in the "titty" and head

  • Being the matriarch of an entire city

  • Working with Gucci Mane's lawyer

  • Being a gangster in show business

  • Storytelling tips for comics

  • How to write universal material

  • Finding your voice on stage

Quotable Quotes:

  • "If they don't like you, they throw Nerf balls at you."

  • "Hit me with another ball bitch. I'll choke your ass out!"

  • "I don't suck dick. I have vertigo."

  • "We all the same, I can talk to Obama and my crackhead sister the same way."

  • "The hood is like the desert. Nothing grows."

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